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Tiger mosquito bite

Tiger mosquito bite: what symptoms does it cause

The tiger mosquito is an insect typical of tropical and subtropical places. Thanks to globalization, for some years now it has also reached our territory. By itself, the tiger mosquito bite does not differ that much from that of the classic mosquitoes we are…
exhaustion remedieis

Exhaustion: causes and all the remedies

Being exhausted is not a disease , but rather a disorder that can be caused by many factors. To reduce the sense of fatigue, it is necessary to understand what is the cause of the exhaustion, treating the cause is important to obtain…

Nosebleed: the practical guide with the most effective remedies

Do you know all the nosebleed remedies ? Let's find out in this guide, which will show you many useful tips to adopt (but also the behaviors to avoid) if necessary. What is Nosebleeds Nosebleeds, technically called epistaxis  , are quite common, especially in children,…
Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating: causes and natural remedies

here's how we can overcome this problem, by properly taking care of personal hygiene, nutrition and choosing some suitable deodorants, to effectively prevent and counteract this annoying disorder, and not only in summer. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is in fact annoying…
Treat depression

Treat depression naturally

Depression , the dark evil of our society, is increasingly being fought with drugs. According to a recent US report, less than a third of people taking it have consulted a mental health professional in the past year. The data are really worrying,…