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hepatitis c

Everything You Want to Know About Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C affects the liver, compromising its functionality. There is no vaccine. We discover its different forms, symptoms, transmission and treatment. The types of hepatitis The liver is a vital organ for the human body: if you get sick it's bad. The term hepatitis  indicates a family…
Massage therapy techniquess

Massage therapy techniques

Massage therapy is a massage that affects muscles and soft tissues, performed by a specialist Massotherapy refers to a set of massage techniques that are performed with the hands by exercising a series of movements on the patient's body surface .Massotherapy refers to…
Neck pain complete guide

Neck pain: complete guide of 2022

Inflamed neck pain or cervical pain is a pathology that really many people suffer from: it is a malaise that is sometimes really heavy to bear due to the symptoms related to it such as less ability to move, pain in the head, dizziness,…