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10 most effective ways to improve memory

Remembering something is directly related to how often you see, read, and use it. Memory seems to be unlimited, but it is important to use it properly, to learn any information effectively in a short time, and to remember it when needed. This time, we are preparing to deliver the 10 most effective tips to improve your memory and help you learn and memorize things quickly.

1. Make connections with what you know

In geography class, your teacher probably didn’t even know where Canada was, but there’s no denying that the location of Italy, with its shoe-shaped formations, is never out of your head. This is directly related to the fact that things memorized in connection with what you know and are familiar with are less likely to be forgotten.

2. Focus on what interests you

I am sure that the things that were interesting to you do not leave your thoughts and memories. It’s hard to remember someone in a crowd, but it’s easy to remember someone who’s overweight and has their hair up. This is how a person remembers the things he finds interesting. Therefore, when memorizing things, make a habit of observing the aspects that are interesting to you.

3. Talk about things you need to memorize

Memorizing and talking about things you need to remember has a positive effect on later recall. This is directly related to the fact that teachers read aloud to young children to memorize things.

4. Repeat what you need to remember

Repetition is another basis for learning and memorizing things. However, fully understanding what you are memorizing and putting it in your mind makes learning easier.

5. Rest your brain

A simple but very effective way is to relax your brain. Therefore, if you need to memorize something, it is recommended to read it once and rest your brain for a while and not try to recall it. Thus, memorizing gradually by re-reading after a day is more effective.

6. Deliberate memorization

As strange as it may seem, forcing yourself to memorize something on purpose is more than 20% more effective than staring at it for hours. It is helpful to look closely at each detail, importance, and small part of what you are trying to memorize or establish. Therefore, it is better to force yourself to memorize something rather than mocking yourself for being bad at remembering it.

7. Focus on what you need to memorize

It is easily memorized because it provides excellent explanations and advice for learning and knowing any information in educational institutions. According to this standard, when learning things, it is a good idea to collect all the information and spend more time on the things you need.

8. Study in the morning

Researchers have found that in the morning, the human brain receives information 5 percent faster than at other times, and in the evening it slows down to 6 percent. They explained this in connection with the load they get during the day. So spend the 3 hours after waking up in the morning productively.

9. Interesting and creative learning

A student who spends 2 hours memorizing a four-line poem in a simple way may need 30 minutes to memorize it creatively according to his interests. Therefore, it is most important to be aware of the importance of what you are doing and to approach it creatively in order to fully focus your attention and save time.

10. Memorizing and determining is an act that takes a long time

Because a person regularly uses his ID card and looks at the information on it frequently, he memorizes information such as registration number, date of birth, place of birth, registered address, etc. without any obstacles. Memorizing and fixing something is a long process, so don’t push yourself too hard and make a habit of reading and studying regularly.



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