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Healty eating

Cooking food guide

Cooking food: a guide to cooking techniques

To cook food today we have many different techniques available: we have collected them all together to better orient you in the kitchen. Do you have any idea how many ways there are to cook food ? Today it is possible to extricate yourself from…
cooking without salt

Cooking without salt: A complete guide of 2022

Cooking without salt is a necessity for those suffering from hypertension, but it could also be an excellent ploy to reduce water retention. Cooking without salt  or decreasing the quantities, does not mean giving up taste but educating yourself to a more correct and healthy eating…

Low Blood Pressure Diet

In case of low blood pressure, what to eat and what to avoid is important. In fact, hypotension can also be combated with the help of a correct diet, before resorting to drugs. The diet can help control those with sudden dips and those…