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If you want to be healthy, avoid using the following 10 types of products

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1. Carbonated drinks without calories

We eat to fuel our bodies. So can products with sugar substitutes bring benefits to our body? When you drink a drink that contains sugar substitutes, your body gets a false signal that it is consuming a high-calorie product and releases a lot of insulin, which leads to fat storage. Because sweeteners are sweeter than sugar.

2. Rice bread

Although rice bread is considered a healthy diet, when you eat rice bread, your stomach feels like you have eaten a lot. In addition, this bread increases blood sugar levels. Because the index of conversion of carbohydrates into glucose of rice bread is 91, while the index of pure glucose is 100.

3. Oatmeal

Like rice bread, it fills up the stomach very easily, but is high in calories. The main reason not to overdo it is that after eating the product, we replenish our energy with the help of carbohydrates and sugar. However, a large amount of carbohydrates increases insulin levels and leads to obesity.

4. Baked goods made with superior flour

In the case of superior flour, all vitamins, minerals and fiber have been lost during processing. Therefore, products containing wheat flour are not good for health and, like the products mentioned above, increase insulin levels and contribute to weight gain.


5. Sports drinks

Some non-athletes also drink this type of drink. However, sports drinks contain a lot of electrolytes and sugar, which are not good for human health. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, people who drink one or more sports drinks a day are more likely to be obese than those who drink plain water.

6. Protein candy

We think that protein bars and cookies have enough protein, fat, and a small amount of carbohydrates. But in fact, the product is designed to restore energy after training, so it has a lot of calories. So, if you don’t train, eating protein cookies will not only make you fat, but you may also have problems with your stomach and circulatory system.

7. Sweet yogurt

A small amount of sweetened yogurt contains a lot of sugar, which increases blood sugar levels and insulin secretion, leading to obesity. In addition, it is possible to reach cardiovascular diseases.

8. Fruit juice

There are many fruit juices available nowadays and you can choose any juice you want. But in reality, your choice of pure juice is likely to contain high amounts of sugar substitutes. Remember that sugar substitutes have a negative effect on the liver and circulatory system.

9. Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts sold in stores have 2 negative aspects. First, because it contains a lot of peanuts, it not only affects the digestive system, but also causes joint diseases. Secondly, it is related to taste. For example: if the nuts you buy have a chocolate or caramel coating on the outside, it will affect your liver and digestive system.

10. Calorie-free cookies

Calorie-free cookies don’t have enough fiber or fat, so even if you eat a lot of cookies, you won’t feel full. In addition, this type of biscuit contains a lot of salt, which can lead to problems with joints, kidneys and other internal organs.

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