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Migraine: What are the symptoms, types & tips to fight it naturally

Migraine is a very common form of headache that can create numerous ailments. Let’s find out our tips on how to fight it using natural remedies.

What is Migraine

Migraine is a type of primary headache , meaning it is not possible to identify a single causative factor. Cluster  headache and tension headache also fall into this category .

This disorder is very common and affects women more than men. It can occur only at certain times of the year or even every week. Statistics vary from person to person.

Causes and triggers

As of today , the causes are not yet clear . Until a few years ago the etiology was attributed to the vasodilation following an anomalous constriction of the blood vessels.


Other experiments are now being studied, where genetic alterations or alterations in nerve signals are being considered.

Certainly the triggers can be different:

  • environmental: climate change, very strong odors or lights, altitude, sun exposure.
  • hormonal : changes in the menstrual cycle, taking oral contraceptives;
  • food : some foods appear to be related to the development of headache; fasting or poor nutrition can also affect.
  • emotional : anxiety , depression , stress , intense fears.
what is migraine

Symptoms of migraine

Unfortunately, the typical symptoms of migraine will be well known to many . It is a  very severe headache , felt as a throbbing pain , first on one side of the head and then on the other.

Sometimes it can also be accompanied by:

  • nausea
  • He retched
  • extreme sensitivity to noise, light and odors (phono-photo-osmophobia)
  • diarrhea and increased urination
  • feeling of stuffy nose
  • stiff neck.

Symptoms can last from 4 hours to 3 days in the most serious cases, with obvious repercussions on private and professional life. The pain gets worse if the person is moving.

In most cases it is still a passing malaise without any consequences, but those who have tried it know well how disabling migraines can be .

symtoms of migrene

Stages of migraine

A real migraine attack develops in several stages:

  • prodromal phase : a few days before the person may experience some symptoms such as muscle stiffness, mood alteration, tiredness, increased sensitivity to smells and noises.
  • Aura:  in some subjects the so-called aura also appears , therefore we will talk about migraine with aura.  These are neurological symptoms  that induce disturbances in vision, such as the appearance of black dots or bright flashes, but also blurred vision. These symptoms can last up to 1 hour. They can also lead to loss of balance, tingling, temporary difficulty speaking.
  • Pain phase : This is the acute pain phase , so we are in the thick of the migraine itself with all the symptoms listed above.
  • Recovery phase : Once the migraine attack is over, the symptoms tend to resolve on their own. However, some people may carry aftermath in the following days, feeling confused and weak.

How to fight migraines with natural remedies

Before resorting to classic analgesics, it is necessary to know that there are  natural remedies  for migraines . These can help to some extent to cope with the situation, even if you want to prevent attacks.

Drink a lot of water

One of the solutions to try immediately to cope with headaches is to drink a lot of water , since dehydration could be at the very origin of this malaise and it will also be possible to purify the body.

drink water

Raw potatoes

Few people know this but the starch contained in potatoes is a powerful anti- inflammatory . Cut a few slices to spread on the forehead and let them act until they are moist so they will penetrate deeply into the skin. Then you can replace them with fresh ones.


Tension is also often a cause of pain in the muscles and head. Try to relax by taking a hot bath, perhaps with the addition of salts and aromas . This way you will find your well-being after a tiring and stressful day.

However, it is preferable to create a situation that can reconcile relaxation as much as possible, so it is better to stay with the lights off or dim and avoid noises or sounds that are too activating.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga , meditation and progressive muscle relaxation can also help you achieve a state of calm and tranquility.


Foods for migraines

While there is not enough scientific data to support this thesis, we anticipate that some foods appear to be directly associated with the outbreak of migraines.

These include cheese, red wine, peppers and soy sauce , or those aged foods with a higher concentration of tyramine , a substance capable of causing the constriction and subsequent dilation of blood vessels.

Therefore, taking care of your diet and always keeping track of what you ate on the eve of a headache episode is always advisable, clearly without alarmism and unnecessary sacrifices.

Still with regards to nutrition, it must be said that foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids ( omega-3 in particular) such as oil and flax seeds or some types of fish, have anti-inflammatory properties . Therefore they are useful for reducing inflammatory states, which in turn exacerbate the pain caused by migraines.

A high- magnesium diet  can also help prevent migraine episodes. We find many foods rich in magnesium and with different health properties, such as:

  • beets
  • spinach
  • quinoa
  • amaranth
  • sunflower seeds
  • Whole grains


Even resorting to acupuncture  can be a valid natural remedy to defeat migraine pain. Relying on the hands of an expert and setting up a personalized treatment program, you can experience significant benefits.

Herbal teas

There are many plants that help reduce migraine pain. Lemon balm , Roman chamomile , lime blossom  and feverfew are just some of the suitable herbal remedies. Contact your trusted herbalist to guide you in your choice.

Physical activity

Practicing regular aerobic exercise, such as running or walking, facilitates the production of endorphins that act directly on the perception of pain.

Furthermore, sport helps to improve the quality of sleep and to avoid the accumulation of emotional and muscular tension.

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