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How to lose weight without negative health consequences?

Due to busy lifestyles, unhealthy diet, and adverse weather conditions, excess weight has become a problem in recent years. Even if you were thin as a child, gaining weight as an adult has become a common problem. Everyone knows that being overweight can have many negative health consequences. Then we will give you tips to lose excess weight in a healthy way. By following the tips below, you can gradually get rid of excess weight.

1. Don't fool yourself with fake calories

Even though you have big dreams of losing weight, are you still deceiving yourself? Remember, if you can’t give up sugary drinks and sweet sauces even if you ban all of the products that are forbidden to use during weight loss, your weight loss efforts will fail. That’s because a simple sauce that seems harmless to you is probably high in calories. All kinds of salad dressings, sugary drinks, and fruits contain a lot of sugar and starches, and these can negatively affect your weight loss process.

2. Do intense cardio

Cardio exercise is a specific load on the body, not a protection against excess weight. More than 2 hours of intense cardio on a regular exercise machine is more beneficial for fat loss. Combining brisk walking and jogging with simple walking can help you lose weight. In addition to effective and high-quality training, it is necessary to do it wisely so as not to injure yourself. But keep in mind that vigorous exercise should make up a small percentage of your workouts. Because this type of exercise puts a lot of strain on the heart.

3. Consume enough protein to suppress hunger for a long time

Each food has its own hunger suppressing properties. For example: you may feel hungry soon after eating a 600 kcal burger. Because the calories in this type of product are not stored as energy but as fat in the body. Therefore, it is best to eat protein. Your body will spend up to 8 hours processing protein-containing products, so you won’t get hungry quickly. By replacing one of your daily meals with a protein shake, you will be able to suppress hunger and lose excess weight.

4. Maintain stable muscle mass

Your body burns calories when you are sleeping, watching TV, or just sitting around doing nothing. But this is a simple thing aimed at maintaining the metabolism. The better your metabolism, the easier the fat burning process will be. But in order to maintain a good metabolism, it is necessary to maintain a stable muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn. A big mistake people who want to lose weight fast make is that they lose muscle mass along with excess fat. To maintain muscle mass, eat a high-protein diet and exercise regularly, and your muscles will burn body fat for you. In addition to losing weight, you can maintain your weight.

5. Lift heavy weights

Everyone knows that lifting heavy equipment while on a diet can be difficult. Luckily, all you need is 45 minutes of strength training a day. In this way, do not reduce the weight you lift because you are tired or weak during exercise. Thanks to the heavy weights, you will increase your muscle mass and burn excess fat.

6. Skip breakfast

On the one hand, drinking tea every morning will have a good effect on metabolism. On the other hand, if we are talking about intermittent fasting, do not eat breakfast. If you want to lose weight in a short time, try walking for breakfast. There are two factors that slow down the process of fat loss: calorie intake and hunger. If you don’t have breakfast, both will affect this situation. For example: Let’s say you need to eat 1200 kcal a day. So, you can divide these calories into 3 parts and eat 400kcal protein-rich food 3 times a day. But while eating like this, you probably can’t help but eat something in between.

But when you walk for breakfast, you will need to eat 600 kcal for lunch and dinner, which seems more realistic.

By eating a 600kcal meal at a time, you can avoid snacking until the evening. But keep in mind that this test should be done by people without digestive problems, diabetes, or any other contraindications.

7. Suppress your hunger

We get the feeling of hunger by the release of the hormone ghrelin, which is released depending on the food consumed. If you have learned to eat breakfast every morning, your body is used to releasing the hormone ghrelin every morning. So we get the feeling of hunger when we wake up in the morning. But when you don’t eat breakfast, the body starts releasing ghrelin during lunch time. But it takes a few weeks for the body to get used to this habit. The advantage of this is that you will eat less and get a feeling of fullness for longer.

8. Eat little by little regularly

If you can’t skip breakfast for health reasons, it’s a good idea to make a meal schedule that suits you. As mentioned above, the hormone ghrelin causes the feeling of hunger, so if you eat small amounts regularly, you will not feel hungry, and the body will not experience a lack of energy. For example: imagine that your mouth has been thirsty for a long time and you suddenly drink a lot of water. Soon your mouth will be thirsty again. But if you drink water little by little every 30 minutes, you probably won’t feel thirsty.

9. Use fruits and vegetables

How can you increase the results by replacing one of your daily meals with a protein shake? It’s very easy and all you have to do is eat vegetables and fruits regularly. Because fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber. Fiber makes you feel full easily. In addition, fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for health. By eating this way, you can reduce your clothing size in no time. In other words, consuming a lot of fiber-containing products will make you feel full and improve digestion.

10. Drink enough water

People sometimes confuse the feeling of thirst with the feeling of hunger. Therefore, it is more likely to eat food instead of drinking water. If you feel hungry, trick your brain by drinking water first instead of eating something. It has a positive effect on weight loss.

11. Avoid alcohol

A 0.5-liter bottle of beer contains 225 kcal, wine 415 kcal, and 100 grams of alcohol contains 231 kcal. So if you’re watching TV with a beer in hand, that’s like eating several bags of chips at once. Just drinking half a liter of beer means that you are consuming ¼ of your daily calories. By giving up beer, you’re also giving up beer, meaning you’re not consuming harmful calories.

12. Chew slowly

Did you know that under-chewing food can lead to a “beer belly”? When we eat what we like, we almost swallow it whole. But actually this is a very bad habit. This is because the hormone leptin, which gives the feeling of satiety, is released some time after eating. So, when we chew quickly, we start eating more because the brain doesn’t get the feeling of being full. In addition, it is possible that you will not even feel the taste of your food.

On the contrary, when you chew for a long time, you can fully enjoy the taste of your food and prevent overeating. Therefore, in order to lose weight quickly, you need to eat slowly and calmly.

13. Choose a small plate

You should change your usual big plate to a small plate. How does it affect weight loss? Because science has proven that food on a large plate feels very small. Therefore, it is best to eat food on a small plate, in which case you will get the feeling that you are eating a lot, not a little, and you will be satisfied with a small amount of food.

14. Do stretching exercises


Even if you follow a strict diet and exercise vigorously every night, sitting at an office desk all day is unlikely to produce results. Therefore, even at work, it is necessary to do stretching exercises every hour, release the chill of the body, and improve blood circulation. So, when combined with the right diet and exercise, you’ll find yourself losing weight easily and getting in shape.

15. Suppress the urge to eat

In order to feel happiness, it is better to refuse to eat something delicious. Remember that you are not eating this dessert to fill you up. In this way, if you are able to motivate yourself and endure for some time, it will become a habit and you will learn to refuse products that are harmful to health and lead to excess weight.



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