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Hair Serums

How to choose a mask and hair serums?

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, basic care from shampoo and conditioner is not enough – you need additional nutrition and hydration after washing and before styling. For this, various hair masks and indelible products – serums are useful.

Hair masks and serums can improve the condition of the scalp, restore the structure, add shine and softness, stimulate hair growth and make it more manageable. They differ in the principle of action, effects, and active ingredients, suitable for men and women.

 Why hair masks are needed?

Hair masks are washable products that are needed for intensive hair nutrition and comprehensive care. They contain more nutrients than shampoos and balms, so masks help restore the structure of damaged hair, strengthen roots, add volume, stimulate growth and add shine. With a quality hair mask, even dry and coarse hair can become soft and silky.

As a rule, hair masks are used two to three times a week. They are applied to wet, clean hair along the entire length or only to the roots of the hair, left for the time indicated on the label, and then washed off thoroughly.

In order for masks to act effectively in a short time, they have a higher pH than shampoos and balms. This means that the tool must be used strictly according to the instructions so as not to worsen the condition of the strands.

What are the types of hair masks?

Classic hair masks have a creamy texture. They do not flow and are absorbed into wet hair. Washable hair emulsions with oils in the composition work on the same principle.

Filler masks should be diluted with water to the state of a balm, applied to the hair, and left for a while. They work better if you create a thermal effect – put on a warming cap or wrap your hair. Fillers help restore the structure of damaged hair.

Boosters are additives to hair masks that contain high concentrations of beneficial substances to enhance the effect of the mask. They often come in the form of ampoules or bottles with a dispenser, from which it is convenient to add them to the mask right before use. Sometimes they are used when dyeing the hair to protect strands from the effects of aggressive chemicals.

Peelings are rinse-off products for the scalp that help cleanse it of dead cells and refresh it. They can help cure dandruff, get rid of excess oil on the scalp and enhance hair growth. Peelings are applied to wet scalp and massaged, and then washed off.

Hair Booster

Hair fillers

Peelings for the scalp.

How hair serums work?

Hair serum is usually a leave-in product that gives a quick and noticeable effect. It can facilitate styling, remove static electricity, moisturize, add shine, repair split ends. The serum envelops the hairs, therefore protecting them from the harmful effects of the environment. Whey, or serum, contains many useful substances in a convenient concentrated form and is suitable for daily use. It is applied after washing in the palm of your hand and then distributed over clean hair. After that, you can do styling or just let your hair dry naturally.

Hair Serums

Hair creams

What are the types of hair serums?

Serums for hair are produced in different forms and on different bases. Oil products, fluids, and emulsions are used for hair ends and other damaged areas. Especially recommended for dry, damaged, and porous hair.

Cream products can be distributed over the entire length, except for the scalp – otherwise, the hair will quickly become greasy. This type includes elixirs, indelible emulsions, essences. They are convenient to use for dry, damaged, porous, normal, and mixed hair.

Light serums in the form of sprays, for example, for easy combing, can be applied to the entire hair. These include mousses for the volume and density of hair milk. Such products are especially good for thin, oily, and curly hair, which should not be weighed down.

Serums, lotions, and tonics are often designed to care for the scalp fight hair loss, dandruff, and other specific problems. They can be applied to the hair roots unless otherwise indicated on the label.

Hair milk

Hair Mousse

Hair tonics

Elixirs for hair

What components are contained in masks and hair serums

Serums and hair masks contain many substances that are beneficial for the health and appearance of hair, but there are also the most basic ones.

Liquid keratin smoothed the hair structure and adds shine to dull hair. Vitamins, plant extracts, and minerals stimulate hair growth strengthen roots. Oils, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid are needed by dry and damaged hair to retain moisture – to restore structure and make strands less brittle.

Hair masks and serums with keratin

Remedies for hair loss and dandruff

What additional effects do masks and serums have?

Leave-in products with a thermal protection effect are needed for those who often do hot styling. They smooth the scales of the hair, so the brush, iron, or styler easily glide over them and do not overheat.

Serums, oils, creams, and other tips help make damaged areas invisible, eliminate dryness, add shine and elasticity. The products have a cumulative effect: over time, the ends will split less.

Protective hair products help protect strands from the harmful effects of the environment: bad ecology, harsh climate, dust, and other factors. If there is a note on the label about SPF filters, the product will help protect the hair from ultraviolet radiation.

Volume masks and serums help make hair lighter and fuller, lift it at the roots, and make styling easier. There are products that make hair denser and thicker by thickening the hair with the help of keratin and other components.

Products for colored hair do not allow the pigment to quickly wash out of the hairs. They keep the hair structure healthy so that the color looks even and rich and the strands shine.

Masks and serums for colored hair

Masks and serums for hair volume and density

Products with UV protection

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