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Kalamina in skincare

The healing, nourishing and nourishing properties of calamine were appreciated already in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. This cosmetic is made of hemimorphite, i.e., calamine. Also known as calamine powder, it contains zinc oxide and carbonate as well as iron oxide, which gives it its characteristic pale pink color. In combination with water, it creates a thick paste that, when applied to the skin, has a number of beneficial properties.

Calamine brings excellent results in the treatment of irritation and itching of the skin with low intensity. It is a perfect remedy for minor sunburn, allergic burns and contact eczema. What other benefits for our skin can bring its systematic use? What properties does calamine exhibit, and how can it be used in cosmetology.

What should I know about calamine?

Kalamina is a mixture of elemental compounds obtained from hemimorphite, which show healing and caring effects on the skin. Zinc oxide and iron oxide have properties that alleviate itching. What’s more, they also limit the degranulation of mast cells. As a result, they reduce the activity of histamine. Calamine powder is distinguished by a characteristic pale pink color. It can be used in ready-made masks and creams. Moreover, calamine can be combined with water and, like clay, applied to cleansed skin of the face or other parts of the body in the form of compresses and masks.

Calamine - what are its properties in terms of use in cosmetology?

Calamine has antiseptic properties. It protects the skin against bacteria and viruses. It soothes the skin very well and soothes itching. What’s more, calamine perfectly regulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Systematic use of this product in various forms helps to reduce redness and irritation of the epidermis and also soothes skin problems such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. Applied pointwise, it will reduce inflammation and eczema. Kalamina cleans pores and absorbs excessive amounts of sebum so that it can be used by people of all skin types. Both people with complexion can reach for it greasy and dry. It’s also recommended to treat acne sensitivity; coupe rose dry, mature, as well as dehydrated and dry skin. Calamine doesn’t harm the skin’s lipid barrier and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. The use of calamine will provide the skin with adequate hydration, nourishment and softening of the epidermis.

Kalamina - what is its use in skincare?

Calamine powder can be added to home face masks. To prepare a cosmetic preparation, it is enough to combine a tablespoon of the powder with water and mix until a thick foam is obtained. The cosmetic can be enriched by adding natural oil (e.g., argan oil), pumpkin seeds, raspberry seeds). The mask that is prepared in this manner can be applied on the face’s skin as well as the neck and the decollete. Allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes. After that, clean it thoroughly with water that is lukewarm.

Calamine mask can also be mixed with natural clays (red, white, pink, yellow, black clay). Calamine can also be added to your favorite body and face lotion or cream.

In addition to caring for the skin, calamine also perfectly cares for the nails. All you need to do is combine it with the cold-pressed oil. It regenerates the nail plate after hybrid varnish very well. Moreover, the presence of iron is effective in reducing nail brittleness and improving its overall appearance.

The addition of calamine is also found in various cosmetics, such as, for example, hand and face creams, lotions, and body lotions.

Calamine - what are the indications and contraindications for its use?

This ingredient does not contain any allergens and is suitable for pregnant women. Calamine is among the chemicals that are distinguished by a low amount of toxicity. In very rare cases, it may cause hypersensitivity or irritation of the skin. Therefore, calamine can be used by people with any type of skin.

Calamine is recommended for people who struggle with various skin problems. It soothes itchy skin very well and helps with acne problems. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. What’s more, it is also an excellent remedy for minor sunburns.

It’s also designed for those suffering from allergic contact eczema or varicose ulcers. It is not included in the list of medicinal preparations but is an important ingredient in many cosmetics.

Kalamina is a cosmetic preparation that can be used to prepare home masks, creams, lotions, and body wraps. Used systematically, it will moisturize, nourish, smooth the skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

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