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All the methods to strengthen the eyelashes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. And having beautiful long and thick lashes can only emphasize our look! Unfortunately, however, this is not the case for everyone … There are also particular periods or wrong behaviors that lead to weakening of the eyelashes. But there is no need to despair. In fact, there are many remedies to strengthen the eyelashes . Let’s see them together.

Strengthening the eyelashes, the causes of weakening

It can happen, sooner or later, that strong, thick and robust lashes suddenly begin to appear thinner and more sparse. The reasons are various:

  • rubbing the eyes often weakens and can sometimes even break the eyelashes
  • do not remove make -up in the evening: it is a very bad habit not only for the eyes but also for the health of the skin
  • often using certain types of mascara , especially waterproof, reduces the hydration of the eyelashes
  • use poor quality or expired cosmetics
  • follow an unbalanced diet low in important substances
  • age : as the years progress, there is a reduction in the growth of hair and hair all over the body
eyelashes extension

What are eyelashes for

Long and thick eyelashes are a sign of sensuality and charisma, in fact they give a magnetic and deep look. But it’s not just a question of beauty.

The lashes were not placed there, on the lid edge, “at random”. In fact, they perform important functions for the health of the eye, protecting it from dust and impurities.

This is why it is important to take care of them and avoid wrong behaviors, in order to always have them beautiful, healthy and strong.

Strengthen the lashes with castor oil

Castor oil , made up of triglycerides and fatty acids, has properties similar to keratin , a substance that lines the skin, hair and nails. It therefore has restructuring and strengthening properties.

In the specific case of eyelashes, it moisturizes and makes them brighter, increasing their strength and volume at the same time.

A small amount is applied in the evening, after the very important ritual of removing make-up, and left to act all night. To apply it, use the clean brush of an old mascara or a cotton swab.

Already after a week, you will see the first results: thick and full-bodied, shiny and less fragile lashes.

Strengthen the lashes with olive oil

Olive oil is an excellent solution to strengthen the lashes, nourish them, hydrate them and make them thick and beautiful long. Using it is very simple. In the evening, after removing make-up, just wipe a few drops on the lashes with the help of a clean mascara brush, a cotton swab or even simply with your fingers. Starting from the hairline and reaching the tip, insisting a little more on the central part to make the lashes even more curved.

The next morning, rinse off with water and a mild cleanser.

The results will begin to show after a couple of months.

Other natural oils to strengthen eyelashes

After looking at the classic ‘musts’ for lash health, let’s move on to other plant oils that can help strengthen lashes.

Jojoba oil

strengthening the eyelashes with olive oil

Rich in ceramide, an essential fatty acid that nourishes deeply, jojoba oil stimulates the growth of the eyelashes and reduces their excessive fall. The method of application is the same as for use with olive oil : spread over the entire length with a cotton swab or mascara applicator every night before going to sleep.


Almond oil

Thanks to the high content of vitamins A , B and E , almond oil has an antioxidant power that protects the eyelashes from the negative effects of the sun and toxins .

In addition, its fatty acids nourish the lashes, promoting healthy growth.

This too must be left to act overnight.

almond oil


Known for its healing and moisturizing properties, it strengthens lashes and prevents them from falling out.

A few drops are enough to apply in the evening before going to bed.

Coconut oil

Its fatty acids, together with antioxidants and essential minerals, are ideal for strengthening lashes and increasing their volume.

Coconut oil is also great as a makeup remover.

Coconut oil for eyelashes

Strengthen the lashes with aloe vera

Here is another very useful product to strengthen the lashes. Aloe vera , 100% pure and free of essential oils or added fragrances, is suitable for particularly sensitive eyes that are easily irritated. It should be applied together with another vehicle oil (sweet almond oil , coconut oil …) in the proportion ¾ of aloe gel and ¼ of light oil of your choice.

Coat the lashes with the mixture and, only on the tips, a drop of the chosen oil.

Leave it on overnight and rinse off the next morning.

Strengthen the lashes with petroleum jelly

Vaseline also boasts excellent results in terms of eyelash care and beauty. It is applied in the evening, dabbing it gently at the base of the lashes, left to act overnight and rinsed off the next morning.

Strengthen the lashes with egg white

Egg is another natural remedy that is simple to use and also inexpensive. In fact, the egg contains a high content of proteins and above all biotin and B vitamins , essential for the growth and health of nails, eyelashes and hair.

In this case, you need to prepare a mask with the egg white of a beaten egg together with a teaspoon of castor oil . Apply on the eyelashes with the help of a cotton swab and leave on for about 15 minutes. Then rinse.

This treatment should be done 3 times a week for at least a couple of months.

Strengthen the lashes with nutrition

“We are what we eat”. It is not just a saying. Everything we bring to the table reflects on our organism, for better or for worse.

To strengthen the eyelashes, it is necessary to prefer foods containing zinc , magnesium and vitamins (in particular A , B , C and E ).

Typical foods that should never be missing are, for example, fish , almonds and broccoli .

Massage to strengthen the eyelashes

Localized eyelid massage is particularly useful as it helps to lengthen and thicken the eyelashes. By increasing blood flow to the hair follicles of the eyelashes, it also prevents them from falling out or breaking.

You can take advantage of the application of one of the above products to perform the massage: just perform delicate and circular movements for at least 5 minutes.

Repeat 2 times a day for a couple of months.

Strengthen lashes after extensions

After the hair, the trend of eyelash extensions has arrived. However, it is a fashion from which it would be good to stay away!

After the treatment has just been performed, eyelashes can even appear more beautiful, longer and fuller. In reality, however, this effect is not meant to last forever. The bitter surprise of the damage done is when the false eyelashes are removed. The natural ones will in fact be ruined due to the treatment to which they have been subjected. They will be very weak and brittle due to the adhesive that has dehydrated them, and the risk of breaking or falling is not excluded.

If you just can’t resist your curiosity and have undergone this treatment, when removing the extensions, immediately run for cover by carrying out one of the methods we have listed above to the letter, to lend a hand to your excessively stressed eyelashes.

Serum to strengthen the eyelashes

In addition to natural remedies, there are also serums on the market to strengthen the eyelashes. The most effective ones contain natural and organic ingredients.

Generally based on aloe vera and essential oils ( argan , coconut , castor , jojoba …), the formulas are often supplemented with vitamins A , B and E. Some products also include the presence of peptides and amino acids .

It is usually applied in the evening, before going to bed. In any case, always follow the instructions given in the package leaflet.

It is advisable to choose a safe serum and to ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice in case of sensitive eyes or in the presence of allergies.

Strengthening the eyelashes: what not to do

Prevention is better to cure, you know … So here are some precautions to keep in mind as a precaution to avoid weakening the eyelashes too much.

  • Limit the use of the eyelash curler only for special occasions
  • Also use waterproof mascara with limitation
  • Always remove make- up every night
  • Use quality and possibly natural cosmetics
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of mascara & C
  • Try not to rub your eyes too often
  • Avoid stressful eyelash techniques such as eyelash extensions
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