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Let’s learn how to prepare an easy snack with only 2 ingredients!

When you live a busy life in a big city, sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. Therefore, from time to time, products that have a negative effect on health are used. Looking for something that can be easily prepared, especially when you don’t have time for tea, you end up opting for fast food. So here are some easy snack ideas that you can make without going to the kitchen.

1. Hummus and carrots

Hummus is not only delicious but also healthy and not fattening. Because 100 grams of product has only 166 kcal. Everything is very easy. Simply slice the carrots lengthwise like French fries and dip them in the hummus sauce. You can eat cucumbers instead of carrots.

2. Apple and peanut butter

Just chop an apple and mix it with peanut butter and your snack is ready. It’s better than eating an apple alone. If you want to eat it with a more interesting and unique taste, you can add honey.

3. Oatmeal or fruit yogurt

Depending on how hungry you are, you can choose 2 types. If you are very hungry, you can eat yogurt with oats. But if you are hungry, mix it with any fruit you want and eat it. But it is better to use pure yogurt without any food additives. In addition, protein shakes can be prepared and eaten because the protein-rich yogurt sold in the store is for sportsmen.

4. Rice with eggs

In this case, you will need to use tiles. First of all, it is enough to boil the rice, then add a few eggs to taste, then add the rice and stir.

5. Grilled ham

Eating cucumber and cabbage salad will help you lose weight and eliminate hunger, but this type of snack is too light for a man. Therefore, replacing cucumbers with sausages would be the right way. Cut up the ham you want to eat and mix it with the shredded cabbage. You can also use sauerkraut instead of regular cabbage. Sausage will give you an easy feeling of satiety, while cabbage will help process the sausage.

6. Saltine crackers cheese

One of the easiest snacks is pretzels and cheese, you can choose your favorite cheese and use it as a sandwich between crackers.

7. Alimtai sweet potato

Sweet potatoes and apples diced and roasted or baked make a great healthy snack. Sweet potato is generally a sweet potato type of vegetable. For those who like spicy things, you can add paprika.

8. Apples with cheese

If you travel through Western Europe, you’ll encounter quite a few people drinking apple cheesy with red wine, especially in France and Italy. In general, sweet and sour apples are best paired with cheddar and parmesan cheese.

9. Watermelon with feta cheese

Feta cheese is a traditional Greek cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk. Mixing diced watermelon with feta cheese is delicious, not only does the salty taste of the cheese offset the sweetness of the watermelon, but it’s also very satisfying.

10. Toast

Even the toast is delicious when eaten alone. If it’s hot outside, you can choose cucumbers or tomatoes. But choose ham and cheese when it’s cool. Basically, the choice is in your hands.

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