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Skinny fat. Can you be lean and fat at the same time?

Are you slim but at the same time feel like you don’t look unfavorable? This effect can cause the so-called “skinny fat”. There is no translation of this phrase in Polish, but it can be said that it is either fat leanness or leanness. In other words, you may have a normal BMI, but instead of being tense and plump, your body will be more jelly-like and soft, and your skin is saggy and saggy. Fat is usually deposited on the buttocks, belly, and belly.

The skinny fat condition is very often suffered by women who are not interested in strength training and decide to lose weight only with the use of ordinary aerobic (aerobic) exercises. So the blame for this appearance of the body is a bad diet and lack of strength exercise, which results in an excessive amount of adipose tissue and a small amount of muscle tissue.

When You Exercise, And There Are No Effects

There are at least a few reasons why a skinny fat effect occurs. First: poor diet. You can exercise, but as long as you eat highly processed foods such as junk food and sweets, your body will not be getting the correct energy source. It is needed for building muscle mass. Don’t confuse building muscle with bodybuilding – you don’t have to look like a pro, it’s more about strengthening your muscles so that they take the place of jelly fat.

In order for the body to be able to burn what is already stored, you need to provide it with adequate food. Take care of good sources of protein (you can include poultry in your diet, lean red meat, fatty fish, some pods, dairy products from good sources) and fat – exclude products that contain palm oil – a source of trans acids, because it adversely affects our arteries, leading to the development of atherosclerosis and, consequently, a heart attack (which it can happen even to thin people! It cannot be underestimated). You should also give up white bread, white pasta, and sweetened drinks.

Reach for good sources of complex carbohydrates and compose meals so that sugar (glycemic index) does not rise rapidly in the blood. Thanks to this, you will not be surprised by the feeling of hunger during the day, so you will also not eat, for example, sweet and salty snacks, which are very tempting, especially when the sugar begins to drop rapidly after a sharp increase.

Also, pay attention to eating regularly, eating without rushing, getting enough sleep, and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.

How to stop being skinny fat?

Diet is one thing. It is very important for your body, so if you know that you are not able to compose a proper diet yourself, use the services of a dietitian. The second important element is the introduction of appropriate training in the gym. It is very possible that skinny fat is the result of cardio exercise alone (aerobic exercise), i.e., fat-burning exercises. Why? In order for the muscles to replace the fat (that is, for the body to simply become firm), you need to exercise forcefully (anaerobic exercise). Calm down – you will not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. To get this look, you need to spend a really large part of your life training and diet. It is enough to devote two training sessions a week to, e.g., working with dumbbells. You don’t even have to go to the gym – initially, you can start with lighter weights and gradually get your body used to the heavier weights.

In addition to training, it is also worth taking a look at the position in which we spend most of the day. It is possible that this is a sitting position that promotes the slowing down of matter and the deposition of fat. In this kind of situation, you must alter your habits of daily living a bit. After returning home, do not sit in front of the TV, but take a walk; during this time, you can do the compulsory things, for example, go to the store further away on foot, or you can go there by bike or even rollerblades. It is important to provide the body with as much exercise as possible – then the metabolism will not slow down, and you will not accumulate unwanted fat.

Skinny fat is quite a popular phenomenon, but if you implement a proper diet and exercise in the gym, even in a short time, you will look like a completely different person! If despite our tips, you are not able to cope with skinny fat, a proper diet will be helped by a dietitian, and the exercises will be selected by a personal trainer.

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