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Nettle benefits in beauty and health

The nettle, as we all know, is a plant and those of you who are from a village must have been hurt by its sexes at some point in your childhood and during the game in a field, in a field, or in a walk in the fields. The nettle is this plant with the bright green thorny leaves that accompanies our childhood memories. So how many of you would think that growing up you would discover that nettle in addition to intense stinging on our skin can offer us many rare and unique properties but also multiple benefits to our health and beauty?

Nettle is a miraculous plant that even Hippocrates himself praised. That alone will suffice to appreciate the value of nettle to our overall health. Besides, we should know that nettle is used in various ways in medicine, either as an additive in various medicines or as an ingredient in syrups. But let’s get to know the nettle a little better in order to understand how we can use it to improve our health and beauty.

Nettle 7 benefits

The high nutritional value of nettle

Nettle is undoubtedly a plant with a very high nutritional value It owes its exceptional nutritional value to its abundance of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that it has. To understand the size of the nutritional value it is enough to mention that it contains vitamins C, E, A, K as well as the vitamins of the complex B. iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, lycopene, β – carotene and a variety of other minerals and nutrients. It is worth mentioning that it is perhaps the only plant – food that contains all these nutrients together.

For all that we mentioned above, nettle is an ally of our health since three cups of nettle decoction daily shields both our immune system and the whole body. More specifically, and especially for us women who lose a sufficient amount of iron due to the menstrual cycle we have every month, nettle can help us because it has anti-wind properties precisely because of its high content of iron and folic acid.

The nettle as an ally of good health

As we have already mentioned, nettle helps with anemia problems, it shields our lungs and so we do not often have problems with colds, it has an expectorant effect, it is tonic for that and when we feel tired a cup of nettle can literally save us. Of course, if you suffer from inflammation, nettle is your herb since its anti-inflammatory action is very large and strong.

The nettle is valuable in female beauty

So, in addition to its supportive action regarding the health of our body, nettle has many applications and acts effectively on several problems of female beauty. So let’s see in detail how the nettle can improve and support our female beauty.

Nettle in the hair

If you have dry or oily hair, you have tried literally everything but saw no improvement then try the nettle. So the next time you wash your hair, rinse with water and nettle. The nettle will thoroughly clean your hair, while it will drive away from both dryness and oiliness from your hair since it restores the natural oils to the scalp.

Also, many companies with herbal – organic hair dyes use nettle as the main ingredient and this is because it stimulates the hair color, gives them shine, and also restores the quality of our hair.

The nettle against acne

As mentioned above, nettle has the magical and unique property of restoring normal oils to our skin. The oils that are necessary to have the right quality in our skin. So in the case of acne, the daily use of nettle helps a lot since it deeply cleanses the pores of the skin and thus no pimples appear. So use the nettle to rinse and wash your face.

End to nettle retention

Nettle has diuretic properties which rank it at the top of the list of herbs that have a strong diuretic effect. So three cups of nettle tea a day and always following a proper diet and exercise helps us eliminate toxins, excess fat and lose weight more easily than we would lose if we did not drink nettle tea. Of course, it also works wonders on the appearance of orange peel (cellulite) since the main cause of its creation is the retention of fluids and the accumulation of excess fat in the area of ​​the buttocks, degrees, abdomen, arms, etc.

Anti-aging with nettle

After the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and elements that nettle contains anything but logical, we will hear you say that nettle helps significantly in the prevention of the aging of our cells but also in the neutralization of the free radicals of our body that are responsible for skin aging. So make a nettle tea every night before bed. Put it in a cup but hold a teaspoon to wet a make-up remover or a little cotton.

As you understand you will clean your face just like you do when you wash with cotton and then you will enjoy your nettle tea relaxing and enjoying the gift you made to yourself. Adopt this good habit and repeat it every night.

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