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How to get rid of cold naturally: A practical 2022 guide

Winter is almost upon us and with the arrival of the first colds the dreaded cold is ready to strike. Let’s see what are the tips to counter it in a natural and effective way to get rid of cold.

A cold can come and last for several days, thanks to the usual stress , a physiological drop in the immune system and an unbalanced diet. It may be accompanied by a sore throat, coughing, headache and a few lines of fever.

If not properly treated, it can worsen and degenerate into more serious pathologies.

Cold prevention

The best way to take care of our health, in any case, is to prevent it with proper nutrition, physical activity and above all with natural remedies  that can help our immune system in the fight against the most common cold syndromeas.

It may seem obvious, but taking vitamin C is still the most effective way to do it today.

The period is the right one to start consuming lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples and all the fruits and vegetables rich in this vitamin. Performing nasal washes daily also   helps keep the nose clean, limits bacterial proliferation and prevents colds.

sick women

Natural herbal remedies

In case your forethought and good eating habits have not produced the desired results, here are some  medicinal herbs  to quickly and naturally fight the hateful annoyance:

  • Eucalyptus.  Taken in the form of honey or extract, it can be combined with cloves , which enhance its effect. Just leave the cloves to soak in honey overnight and then separate them before consuming
  • Rosehip . Rosehip is a real elixir of well  being, very rich in vitamin C   and can be taken in special preparations for herbal teas and infusions
  • Melissa. It is a medicinal plant that stimulates sweating and kidney function, helping the body to detoxify. The infusion of lemon balm , enriched with 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus honey, relieves cough and getting  rid of cold
  • Horseradish . Horseradish  is a medicinal  plant used against phlegm and diseases affecting the respiratory system
  • Echinacea . In homeopathy they are used as  natural anti-infectives  to strengthen the immune system, and are taken as herbal teas or syrups.

Natural remedies based on essential oils

Essential oils , such as those of  thyme  and  eucalyptus can help us fight nasal congestion without resorting to special machinery or expensive therapies: just do the fumigations .

Pour a few drops into a saucepan of boiling water, cover your head with a damp cloth and breathe deeply, taking short breaks between one inhalation and the next.

natural remedies based on spices

There are also different types of spices  and foods  that can have a medicinal action useful against geting rid of cold. Between these:

  • Aromatic herbs . Sage ,  rosemary , oregano  and thyme are the  most suitable for rebalancing the body, disinfecting and reducing inflammation and can all be taken in the form of home-made infusion to be drunk several times a day or purchased ready-made in a herbalist’s shop.
  • Warm milk and honey (better than eucalyptus), combined with a propolis extract , is one of the most popular remedies to soothe cold ailments; as an alternative to milk, a good tea or an infusion that you could recommend from your herbalist is also fine
  • Apple cider vinegar. To relieve a red throat an excellent remedy is hot apple cider vinegar to be diluted in a glass of water to gargle or as a fumento.
  • Garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and although its flavor can make many people wrinkle it is perfect for flu and cough. Chop some on a slice of bread or melt it in a cup of hot milk to maximize the effect.
  • Onion. The red onion , in particular, has a decongestant and expectorant function . Boil one whole and use the juice to gargle.
  • Chili pepper. Contains capsaicin , a substance capable of stimulating the production of protective mucus if you want to getting rid of cold, stuffy nose or sinusitis .

Cold remedies: smoothies

You can prepare  smoothies that concentrate many vitamins, to start the cold season on the right foot and strengthen the  immune defenses of our body.

Drinking a smoothie prepared directly at home with seasonal vegetables, species and fruit every day  allows you to build a natural defense against seasonal ailments and getting  rid of cold in particular.

  • Anti-inflammatory smoothie with mango and Goji berries.  Rich in  vitamin C and carotene,  it is excellent for the skin and acts actively against inflammation. To make it you need: 2 teaspoons of dried Goji berries , 1  mango , 1  mandarin , 2 celery stalks , 1  lettuce . Blend all the ingredients for a few minutes, adding a little water if necessary to obtain the preferred consistency, and almond flakes at the end.
  • Immunizing kale smoothie. A natural concentrate of vitamins A, C, K, this smoothie fights stress and has an anti-inflammatory and slightly diuretic action. Blend together 2 handfuls of kale, 5-6 mint leaves , 1  orange and 1/2  lemon . The flavor is slightly salty. Also ideal for burning fat and stimulating the metabolism.
  • Immunizing smoothie with tomato and fennel . It has a beneficial effect on the skin and stimulates the immune system, detoxifies  and contains a high concentration of lycopene which protects and strengthens the heart. You need: 2  tomatoes , 1/2  cucumber , 1 fennel , 1  red apple , 1 small bunch of  parsley . Centrifuge all the ingredients and enjoy when ready.

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