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Methods to thicken the eyebrows

Thick and thick, so the dictates of today’s fashion want the eyebrows. But it hasn’t always been like this… And who for years has spent hours in front of the mirror tearing them off with tweezers in order to adapt to the dictates of another few, today finds himself with a few thin and weak eyebrows. But there is no need to despair. There are many remedies to thicken the eyebrows , and of all kinds: from natural ones to those a little more invasive but which allow you to obtain excellent results within a few hours.

The causes of thinning

The main cause of eyebrow thinning is excessive and persistent hair removal. The classic example is that of the infamous Nineties, when very thin, “seagull wing” eyebrows were popular. It is clear that those who in those years went too far with the tweezers to stay fashionable, today find themselves with sparse, thin and bald eyebrows.

But there are also other causes that lead to eyebrow thinning.


So let’s summarize below the reasons why you can find yourself with rather poor eyebrows:

  • excessive and lasting hair removal in the temporarily
  • stress
  • thyroid dysfunction, specifically hypothyroidism
  • eyebrow alopecia
  • age (hair and hair growth slows down over the years)

Thicken the eyebrows at the beautician

If you want to get a quick and definitive or semi-definitive thickening, then you need to go to a beauty center.

Microblading technique

The most used technique in recent years is the microblading technique. More commonly known as a semi-permanent tattoo, this is a makeup technique that designs individual hairs by injecting pigments under the skin. The aim is to improve the shape of the eyebrows, but it is even possible to create a new brow arch.

One month after the first session, a touch-up is required. After which it will be discussed again the following year for retouching. 

If you opt for this semi-invasive technique, our advice is obviously to rely on high quality beauty centers specialized in the microblading technique.

Dye the eyebrows

Definitely less invasive treatment than the one just described, which consists in dyeing the eyebrows of a darker tone than the natural ones. The effect is to have thicker and more defined eyebrows. Duration: 3 to 5 weeks.

Thicken the eyebrows with serum

Let’s now move on to ‘softer’ and less invasive treatments, of a more curative nature and with less immediate effects.

First of all, it is possible to accelerate the growth of the eyebrows by applying a serum, which acts by extending the first stage of growth, the so-called “anagen phase”, ie the moment in which the hair actively grows. Here are some useful tips on using the serum for optimal results:

  • daily and constant application (sometimes even twice a day)
  • 6 weeks of treatment is the minimum to start seeing results
  • prefer products containing prostaglandins, hormone-like substances in the body that stimulate hair growth

NB Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this treatment is not guaranteed, which may prove ineffective in the presence of damaged hair follicles or in a “dormant phase” due to excessive and prolonged use of the tweezers.

Thicken the eyebrows with natural oils

There are really numerous natural remedies useful for thickening the eyebrows.

Vegetable oils

Coconut oil and almond oil work very well . They are applied in the evening after removing make-up and left to act overnight. The next morning, rinse with warm water and a mild cleanser.

Aloe vera

Equally effective and recommended for those with rather oily skin, is aloe vera . Rich in enzymes that stimulate hair and hair growth, even the aloe vera-based gel should be applied in the evening before bedtime and left on overnight, and then rinsed off the next morning. Its effect can be enhanced by using it together with castor oil .

Egg yolk

The yolk of an egg, beaten with a drop of milk and a little lemon juice , creates a compound rich in proteins and vitamins useful for nourishing the roots of the eyebrows, making them stronger. It is applied with a cotton swab, rubbing gently, and left on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse.

Thicken your brows with castor oil

The properties of castor oil for the health and well-being of skin, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are well known.

Considered a natural anti-aging, castor oil is a valid ally against free radicals . Emollient and moisturizing, it also promotes the production of collagen and elastin .
Using it to thicken the eyebrows is really very simple, just apply it with the brush of an old mascara every night before going to sleep. Rinse off the next morning.

Thicken the eyebrows with the massage

The movements of the massage act benevolently on the microcirculation, and thus improve the blood circulation of the eyebrow area, promoting hair growth.

Starting from the center of the face, tap and rub the area in circular motions, moving away towards the temples. The session should last approximately 1-3 minutes and ideally massage a couple of times a day.


Exfoliation works just like massage: it promotes blood flow and helps hair grow faster. With a clean toothbrush, scrub each browbone from the center of the forehead towards the temples. Perform once a day.

For a scrub effect , it is possible to carry out the treatment using a special product, purchased or made at home: the ideal preparation for the eyebrows could be a mix of olive oil and brown sugar .

Thicken the eyebrows with feeding

It is also essential to follow a diet rich in proteins and vitamins that promote hair growth, specifically, biotin , vitamins B and E , and zinc . Therefore, lean meats (chicken and turkey), dried fruit , Greek yogurt (rich in proteins), eggs, spinach , almonds , kiwi , black cabbage and avocado should never be missing on the table .

Thicken your brows with makeup

With the pencil

The simplest and most immediate way to thicken your eyebrows, perhaps while waiting for one of the natural remedies described above to start to take effect, is the trick. Here are the steps to follow:

  • choose an eyebrow pencil of the right shade
  • fill in the brows by drawing short, upward strokes
  • proceed with a light hand for a natural effect
  • insist a little more in areas where the hair is sparse
  • finish by blending with an eyebrow comb or a clean mascara brush

Soap brows

The so-called “Soap Brows” is a technique used by make-up artists in the backstage. It is a sort of “styling” of the eyebrows which makes them optically thicker. You moisten a make-up brush with a fixing spray, pass it on the bar of soap and begin brushing the eyebrows upwards until the hair takes on a disheveled effect. At the end, with a special eye shadow for eyebrows, the color is corrected and any holes are covered.

Thicken the eyebrows with hair

We are talking about eyebrow extensions, a treatment to be reserved exclusively for special occasions.

Individual hairs, synthetic or natural, are individually glued to the real eyebrows or directly to the skin. The effect can last a few weeks, but if you touch them often or if you sweat, for example by exercising, they will start to fall after a few days. Compared to eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions do not damage existing hair in the event of a fall.

For this treatment, consult an expert or a specialized beauty salon.

Thicken the eyebrows with the transplant

In the most extreme cases, eyebrow transplantation can be used. Just contact a plastic surgeon who is able to draw the eyebrow arch accurately, enhancing the face.

The end result is completely natural. As this is an irreversible treatment, it is advisable to rely on an expert and specialized surgeon also to get advice on the final result. The choice must in fact be evaluated well, taking into consideration one’s own somatic traits and not so much the fashion of the moment.


Finally, here are some tips to prevent eyebrow thinning.

  • Stop shaving them
  • Do not pluck all short hairs that “go their own way”, even if they don’t seem close to the browbone
  • To camouflage the regrowth, try taming them with an eyebrow gel or cover them with concealer
  • Always moisturize the skin well: a nourished and always well hydrated skin, in fact, stimulates hair growth
  • eat foods rich in vitamin B , vitamin E , zinc and biotin

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