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Snail mucus – the key to a healthy and beautiful complexion

Snail mucus is a biologically active compound. Its caring properties are used in cosmetology. It contains natural substances such as elastin, collagen, some vitamins, and other valuable ingredients. All of this creates a unique elixir for the skin. Snail mucus is moisturizing, regenerating, smoothing out wrinkles, refreshing, and much more. For other properties, see the article below.

The mucus in cosmetics is obtained from the Helix aspersa Muller snail, which is grown in specialized farms. When extracting the mucus from one snail, you can get almost one teaspoon of valuable mucus having the consistency of a gel. The process of extracting the secretions is carried out by placing the animals on dedicated plates, which are further made to vibrate. Then the snail glands in their legs are stimulated. The snail secretes two types of mucus: limousine and crypto since, the latter of which is used in the manufacture of preparations. If these two substances are combined with each other, which can happen when an animal is exposed to stress, there will be toxic compounds in this mucus. Therefore, in snail farms, appropriate care is taken to ensure that the snails are healthy while the production of valuable substances is carried out using a safe method. Strictly defined sanitary rules are adhered to. The mucus extraction process is completely painless and safe for snails. There are also other methods of extracting secretions, but these are not good for the health of the animals. For this reason, it is recommended to check that the label of the finished preparation shows the word “cruelty-free.”

Active compounds present in the snail's mucus

Vitamins: E, C, and A. Thanks to them, the snail’s mucus has a regenerating and nourishing effect on the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals. Additionally, vitamins make the skin firmer, lighten discoloration, and even out its color.

Natural antibiotics: They destroy dangerous fungi and bacteria and reduce skin inflammation with a soothing effect.

Elastin and collagen: The skin becomes supple and elastic, and wrinkles gradually disappear thanks to these compounds.

Glycolic acid: It has a refreshing, regenerating, and smoothing effect. It can inhibit cell aging processes. In addition, it reduces dead epidermal cells, cleans the pores and tightens them, and also normalizes sebum production.

Mucopolysaccharides: Their activity is to reduce skin allergies and irritations, what is more, they affect the proper blood and lymph circulation, and in combination with elastin and collagen, they give the skin perfect elasticity, hydration, and elasticity.

Allantoin: It has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and soothing properties. Preparations containing this substance improve skin reconstruction, wound healing and reduce skin irritation. In addition, they act as salvation for acne lesions and support the reduction of cellulite. They eliminate scars, thickenings, and skin stretch marks.

Snail Mucus - Scientific Evidence

Scientific analyses have proven that snail mucus’s regenerative activity (Helix Aspera’s Muller) has a rebuilding effect on the skin. There are powerful antioxidant compounds in the mucus. In addition, mucus modifies the actin cytoskeleton and cell proliferation in the skin and other mechanisms involved in skin reconstruction, such as the normalization of metalloprotein activity. These results offer many possibilities that can produce effective results from the use of mucus in the regeneration of skin lesions.

The mechanism of action of snail mucus contained in cosmetics

The mucus contains glycoconjugates, i.e., stimuli that increase the activity of fibroblasts, which affects the structure and functions of the skin. It significantly stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and increases their number in the skin. Provides the right concentration of hyaluronic acid (an essential recovery process). It improves the flow of keratinocytes, which results in the regeneration of wounds. Moreover, the mucus helps maintain the proper balance between collagen and elastin and initiates the secretion of new collagen.

Snail slime cream

The manufacturer informs that this preparation does not contain snail mucus, which is known from nature, nor does it contain any elements of the snail’s body. However, it informs that the production of the cream is based solely on a laboratory extract from which a chemical compound (poly helixan) is isolated with specific nutritional properties and lightens skin discoloration. This substance is then added to the cream mass. The manufacturer assures the consumer that no snail is lost during the preparation of the preparation and that there is no mucus inside – only the definition may suggest it. This product has a classic cream consistency, a whitish color, a pleasant aroma, and a number of active ingredients, such as herbal composition, snail mucus extract, Chroma bright, and herbal vinegar.

Anti-wrinkle cream with snail slime - an example

There are many cosmetics on the market that contain natural snail mucus extract. The products available are designed to be used for the maintenance of the face as well as the eye area. These cosmetics have a wide range of effects on the condition of the skin, regardless of whether it is mixed, oily, or sensitive and dry. After a brief time of usage, you will notice positive results. The manufacturer, offering preparation for the prevention of wrinkles, informs the consumer that its agent works in three steps. It nourishes, firms, and tones the skin in the first stage and increases the water content. In the next cycle, it evens out the skin tone and helps to lighten pigmentation spots. In the last step, it has an anti-wrinkle effect. Eliminates dead cells in the epidermis, which facilitates the access of nutrients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It is recommended to use it for the care of all skin types, especially in the presence of scars, discoloration, and pigmentation spots. The cream should be used day and night. You can buy it both at a pharmacy and in a herbal medicine store and directly from the manufacturer or via the Internet.

Who is the snail slime preparation?

Cream with snail slime is intended for people who want to stop time and enjoy a beautiful and youthful appearance for as long as possible. The sooner it is appropriate, the better. Cosmetics with mucus are beneficial for virtually all skin types, especially for sensitive and dry skin. It is also an invaluable help for people struggling with recurring skin diseases.

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